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Our Purpose

To develop innovative businesses that improve the human condition, and to share what we learn with others.


To empower businesses with the tools and knowledge required to succeed and make a meaningful impact.


A progressive and egalitarian world with a high quality of living, universal human rights, and individual fulfillment.

The RCR Team

Chase Raz

Chief Operating Officer

Six Cabrera

Technology Analyst

Igor Aguiar

Operations Analyst

Adam Sumpter

Student Intern

Nathan Jordan

Director of Technology (2012)
In Memoriam

The RCR Advisory Board

Matt Evers, CPA

Owner of Evers CPA
Strategy & Finance Advisor

Chris L. Ayers

Senior Engineer at Microsoft
Technology Advisor

C. William Tew

U.S. Army (Retired)
Personnel Advisor

Phil DeSilva

CEO of CAG Logistics
Business Advisor (2010-20)
In Memoriam

RCR's History

RCR Business Ventures was founded in 2012 by Chase Raz as a way to consolidate multiple freelance projects for tax purposes. In the years since, RCR's presence has grown in both scope and reach. In 2024, RCR pivoted towards private venture incubation, but retained consulting services as a core portion of our business community outreach and service.

Our Key Values


We believe in leveling the playing field of artificial status advantages and viewing each person and idea within the scope of their individual merits.


We commit to technological and scientific innovations to enhance the quality of life for our venture partners, our clients, and ourselves.


We value the acquisition, sharing, and application of knowledge to foster a culture of curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

Let's work together.

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