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Incubating digital ventures since 2012

Business Ventures

Ventures are businesses that were created directly within RCR Business Ventures and that are undergoing active incubation.

A.B. Gamma

Education & Training

A.B. Gamma provides business technology, corporate, and customer training for the 21st century.

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Content Creation

Business technology content for professionals via new, social, and emerging media platforms.

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Geovex Digital

Business Services

Geovex is a full-service digital firm offering small business websites, email, domains, social media, and marketing.

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Development Brands

Development Brands are potential ventures undergoing industry testing to identify market possibilities and alignment.

Onjin Projekt

Music Business

Distribution and streaming of environmental music across digital mediums and social channels.

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Big-and-tall men's clothing and accessories. This brand is in the early stages of development.

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Travel and pre-bundled commodities retail based upon an initial social media seeding. In early development.

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Personality Brands

Personality Brands are content creators what work directly with RCR and our Ventures and Brands.

Chase Raz

BizTech & Martech

Business personality, technology advocate, marketing educator, and influencer across RCR's ventures and social media.

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