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Your Digital Transformation at Scale

Digital Transformation for Performance

You want to stop fighting technology and allow it to seamlessly work for you. But, between service limitations, feature overlap, and workflow incompatibilities, your business is at a status quo standstill.

We've helped dozens of businesses identify and integrate technology solutions, and we've learned to do it well by fulfilling the technology needs of our own ventures. When you're looking to deploy technology as fuel for growth, you need a partner like RCR Business Ventures. We'll reduce your dependency on slow and manual traditional processes in favor of fast automated workflows. Let your business leverage our world-class relationships with leading technology service providers, and let technology drive your ROI instead of hindering it.

Business Ops

Line of Service Applications

Tech Evaluation and Selection

Purchasing and Deployment

Mobile & Web

Websites and Landing Pages

Mobile and E-Commerce

Email and Productivity

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Workflow Integration

Process Automation

Macros and Batch Scripts


Excel and PowerApps

Reports and Infographics

Data Storytelling & Pitches

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More Technology


Demographic Targeting

Market Segmentation

Campaigns and Funnels

Proprietary Tools


RCR Vanir UX Library

6x Costing Model

More About RCR Technology

Learn why we're the right fit for your organization's needs and how we can help you to build a new and better world.

RCR Technology


RCR Business Ventures was incorporated in 2012 with only one internal competency: technology. Back then, we never directly referred to technology as a competency, it was just a core part of our being. As we began to create internal company divisions for operational and budgetary purposes, it became necessary to think of Technology as a division of our operations, but—for us—technology is simply in our company's DNA.

In 2019, after seven years of operation, RCR Technology was formalized as our fourth company division after ventures, consulting, and media. Ventures and consulting (V&C) constitute one department of our business, and media and technology (M&T) another.

The assets and abilities that have become our Technology division have assisted nearly two dozen clients in six countries across three continents. RCR Technology's clients have ranged from cash-strapped startups to mid-size enterprises with US$40+ Million per year in revenues. We know how to cater to both ends of that spectrum, and any point between.  

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