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You're looking for technology solutions: from websites to application frameworks, and from CRM solutions to payment processors. You aren't looking for yet another outsourced I.T. solution, but rather an organization with the knowledge to help you strategize, direct, and oversee your technology deployments including hardware, software, and even systems and processes. RCR Technology is the partner that can help you accomplish these tasks.

When it comes to the technology adoption cycle, we're experts, and we can align your business with the right technologies and solutions. From creating or supporting workflows, to translating your business processes into a digital world, RCR Technology has you covered. Let us guide you through your digital transformation.

Business Systems

Technology Evaluation

Selection and Purchasing

Deployment and Scale

Websites & More

Custom Website Design

WordPress and Shopify Configuration

Business-Class Web Hosting

Programmatic Advertising

Digtial Marketing Funnels

Landing Pages

Analysis & Reporting

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Line of Service Applications

Proprietary Tools


RCR Vanir Libraries
(CSS & JavaScript)

6x Costing Model

Build a New and Better World

Technology enables you to transform and scale your business.

We can help.

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More About RCR Technology


RCR Business Ventures was incorporated in 2012 with only one internal competency: technology. We never directly referred to technology as a competency, however, and we never addressed it as we began to create internal company divisions for operational and budgetary purposes. For us, technology was in our company's DNA. It was inseparable from any action we took.

But, operationally, this made the tracking and accounting of our actions quite complex. So, in 2019, the Technology division was formalized as our fourth company division. Our Technology services joined our other divisions: VenturesConsulting, and Media.

The assets and abilities that have become our Technology division have assisted nearly two dozen clients in six countries across three continents. Technology clients ranged from cash-strapped startups to mid-size enterprises with US$40 Million per year in revenues. We know how to cater to both ends of that spectrum, and any point between.  

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