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Committed to Sustainability

At RCR Business Ventures, sustainability is a core value. We believe in the right to energy, health, knowledge, happiness, and capital. It is our intent to ensure that future generations have access to increased quantities of these resources, rather than decreased supplies due to consumption or waste. Our sustainability efforts are divided into a number of key areas that guide our actions. Explore these areas below.

Triple Bottom Line

RCR serves more than just its shareholders. At RCR, we belive in the stakeholder model for corporate reponsibility. We adope the triple bottom line approach of the three P's: People, Profit, and Planet, but not necessarily in that order in all cases. Our absolute first responsibility is to maintain the livability of our planet for future generations of people and all other life on Earth. Our second responsibility is to the people of this planet. Only if those two conditions are met can we consciously and continuously profit.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company, like all organizations, has a responsibility to the communities that host us as an entity as well as our employees, customers, products, and services. We conduct all operations within the guidance of legal, social, and cultural frameworks. Inclusion and diversity of peoples and of thought is our strength, and we voluntarily commit to “play fair” and be role models of exemplary behavior and business models for our industries and the global economy at large.

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Minimum Physical Footprint

RCR Business Ventures maintains a minimal physical footprint by occupying no commercial or industrial office space. Our entire footprint is virtual beyond the independent working spaces of our owners, employees, contractors, agents, and partners. The minimization of our physical footprint reduces our overhead expenses as well as associated variable expenses such as commute and travel.

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Responsible Infrastructure Partners

The majority of the RCR virtual footprint is backed by infrastructure, platform, and software services from several suppliers. Our largest infrastructure and software providers are Amazon and Microsoft who both have their own sustainability efforts centered around people, profit, and planet. RCR partners with, and procures from, companies that have outstanding commitment to the environment, social accountability, and community partnerships.

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