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Privacy Protection and Security Policy


Your privacy and security are important to us.  This statement details the data and information that RCR Business Ventures collects from you, how we process it, and what we do with the resulting information and knowledge.  We can’t say this is the most exciting read, but some of you seem really into this stuff.

RCR Business Ventures (or just RCR for short) offers a number of products, services, and brands (all of which we refer to as properties) for you and your organization to engage and interact with.  We provide business-to-business (b2b) services, industry solutions in both physical and digital form, and entire brands and companies to fulfill unique market opportunities.

This statement applies to the direct interactions between you and RCR Business Ventures through our website and any products, services, or brands indicated below and that display this statement.  For information on the privacy and security of other RCR products, services, or brands, please reference their respective statements directly.

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Collection of Personal Data

We collect data from you through interactions with our online properties, products, services, and brands.  This information may be provided directly by you, but we also collect data about you through third parties as well as through your direct interactions with us.

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Cookies and Tracking Technologies

We use both first-party and third-party cookies, pixels, tags, beacons, and other technologies to collect information about your activity and store identifying information on your device.   This is commonplace technology and your online experience would be very degraded without these tools in place.

Tracking technologies are used to analyze your interactions with our properties, limit spam and fraud, deliver targeted marketing communications, and additional purposes as deemed useful.  We use cookies to store your selections, preferences, settings, and interests for future use or for communication with our servers to remember for future convenience.

Many tools are built into all modern web browsers to manage, identify, or disable cookies.  We encourage you to reference your browser’s documentation if you are interested in these features.  Keep in mind that RCR properties may not work properly without cookies enabled and unblocked through any software or hardware mechanism.

Note: We routinely use Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, and Facebook Pixel technology on our properties, as well as one-click login technology from Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and others.  Their privacy and security policies are in effect across our properties and their policies have been provided as hyperlinks within this paragraph for your reference.

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Utilization of Collected Data

We use the data that we collect from you and about you to enable interactive experiences across our properties.  This usage may manifest as: creating and delivering advanced user interfaces (UI) or user experiences (UX) across our properties; improving help center or support center functionality for our properties; marketing, advertising and direct communications that are targeted with relevant offers; access private and secure portions of our properties; enabling personalization or configuration of our properties to your preference; communicate with you about your account or interactions with RCR; operation, understand, optimize, develop, or improve our properties.

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Sharing Your Data

Internally, RCR shares your data across all of our properties: brands, websites, applications, products, and services.  We share this information to better understand the use of our properties and to provide more enriched interactive and productive experiences through the use of our properties.

We only share your personal data externally with your consent for operational purposes, such as to complete a requested transaction or fulfill a product or service through a third-party or agent of RCR as necessary.

RCR also shares personal data when required by law or to respond to legal process.  We reserve the right to share any information necessary to protect lives and livelihood, maintain the security of our properties, and to protect ourselves, our agents, and our customers against any jeopardy of rights or damage to, or loss of, property, livelihood, or safety.

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How to Manage Your Personal Data

You may manage or prevent data collection by RCR through the tools provided within your web browser.  Please check how to view, delete, or disable cookies through the web browsers of your choice.

To unsubscribe to the RCR Newsletter, you may visit click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any of our non-transactional emails.

To edit your personal information (including organizational information) on a secure login protected portion of our properties, please access your profile settings from the appropriate property or contact your RCR representative regarding information on the RCR Customer Portal.

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