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We don't know everything... and we think you'll like that about us.

RCR Consulting is built upon the successes and failures of the RCR Ventures. We have had more failures than successes, and we wouldn't trust anyone who hasn't. We consult for businesses from the startup phase all the way to mid-size enterprises and our desire is to build lasting relationships with companies that prefer to work smarter than harder.

When it comes to consulting, Establish. Impact. Accelerate.™ isn't just some clever slogan... it's our actual process.  Through the challenging work of creating our own ventures and brands, we've learn a lot.  But how much can we truly learn alone? By working with the most intelligent and innovative businesses, we can help your organization leverage our knowledge, and we can learn more together through consulting, information exchanges, third-party reviews, operations analysis, and more.


Vision, Mission, Purpose

Organizational Culture

Leadership Development


Operations Analysis

Supply Chain and Logistics

Purchasing and Inventory

Minimization and Maximization with Regression and Linear Programming


Innovation and Disruption

Digital Marketing

Evaluation and Adoption

Web and Mobile

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It's hard for a company to keep objective perspective.

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