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RCR Business Ventures

Our Story

RCR Business Ventures was founded on 01 January 2012 with the purpose of changing the way the way the world conducts business... and, less glamorously, to help its founder, Chase Raz, consolidate freelance projects.

Prior to incorporation, Chase had offered consulting and specialized business technology for over fifteen years, dating back to 1997. The initial relationships that would eventually lead to our incorporation were with small and mid-size businesses in the heart of central Florida, where we're still proudly located. By 2018, RCR had grown its reach globally and had worked directly with companies in six countries across three continents. It hasn't always been a smooth or easy road, but through a dedication towards intelligent work and technological adoption, we've made amazing strides.

From humble beginnings providing website design in the early years of the web, to becoming a 21ˢᵗ century global business infuencer, RCR's journey is still just beginning. In 2019 and 2020, we've committed to making significant investments into our original founding purpose as codified by our slogan, "Establish.  Impact. Accelerate".  We're solidly committed to: ideate new entrepreneurial ventures ("Establish."); gain and share market knowledge ("Impact."); and work towards changing the way business is conducted on planet Earth, and eventually beyond ("Accelerate").

Our Mission

Empower people and business with tools to create a new and better world for tomorrow.

Let's face it: ideation can be challenging, but implementation is always harder. At RCR, we want each and every person on planet Earth to be able to contribute to the overall prosperity of humanity and still generate a comfortable living for themselves. Our mission statement reflects this ideal.

Through the creation of our own thriving business ventures, we gain the experiential knowledge to enact new products, services, and systems that enable our fulfillment of this mission. Our consulting and business services, such as Media and Technology services, are able to serve as subsidized accelerators for distributing our earned knowledge into the larger business community.

Our Vision

A progressive egalitarian world built upon business innovation. A world that supports a high quality of living for every human being and an extensive set of inalienable and universal human rights.

At RCR Business Ventures, we consider a much larger world beyond our simple perspective and mission. We embody this understanding in a much larger vision of a future world where humanity is unburdened by the constraints of artificial scarcity. We strive for a more progressive and egalitarian world where people are truly free to determine the course of their lives, and where the fear of failure is replaced with an understanding that all success is built upon prior failure.

Only when businesses transcend a profit-only motive and people aspire to attain more than wealth will this vision be fulfilled. Despite this, we also hold firm in our understanding that the fastest way to universal wealth is to exhibit and share a mindset of abundance and cooperation. Competition, at least for business, is fast becoming an archaic and out-of-date concept. Our vision is to accelerate the transition to a post-scarce world in a comfortable manner for all people using tried-and-true business experience and knowledge extrapolated from experience and quantitative analysis.