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About RCR

From Freelance Beginnings...

Our Purpose

To create and nurture innovative businesses that improve the human condition through social, economic, and technological advancements.

We build businesses. We ideate and incubate our own business ventures, and work tirelessly to share our hard-earned knowledge and expertise with the world through research, think tanks, and working with selected clients that align with our principles.

Where we Stand


Empower people and businesses with the knowledge and tools to create a new and better world.


A progressive and egalitarian world that supports a high quality of living; an extensive set of universal human rights; and a focus on the well-being of each individual, the whole of society, and our environment.


We espouse the values of: Progress, Technology, Egalitarianism, Democracy, and Knowledge. It is our intent to exhibit and model these values through business and civic life.

Our Team

Chase Raz


Chase is the Owner and Director of Business Development. He works to position RCR, and its ventures, as reference models for future.

Sixto Cabrera


Sixto is a Freelance Leader producing media assets, especially video. He contributes to the completion of projects for RCR and its ventures.

Nathan Jordan


Nathan inspired a positive vision of the future; he made work fun. He is remembered for his life and work, and has been missed since 2012.

Our History

RCR Business Ventures was founded in 2012 by R. Chase Razabdouski, M.B.A. (Chase Raz) as a way to transform his long-standing and growing freelancing business into something larger and more impactful. The origin of RCR dates to 1997 when Chase began his first freelance projects in web development, spreadsheet creation, and business form design.

Prior to 2001, RCR Business Ventures briefly went by the following names:
  • Chase Computer Technologies
  • Pronet Technologies
  • PR Service Group

From our freelance beginnings to becoming a 21ˢᵗ century global business influencer, our journey is still just beginning. Now in the 2020's, we're solidly committed to: the ideation of new entrepreneurial ventures ("Establish."); gaining and sharing experiential business knowledge ("Impact."); and working to advance the way business is conducted globally, and eventually beyond ("Accelerate").

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